Ural Umbo - Delusion of Hope (LP incl. CD, 2011, Utech Records, URLP070)  

> Initial Magnetization Curve (.mp3)

> Sych (.mp3)

      Ural Umbo - Self Fulfilling Prophecy from Delusion of Hope (Video, 2011, Ural Umbo and B&B Production)  
      Ural Umbo - Fog Tapes (LP, 2010, Hinterzimmer Records, HINT10)  

> Background Value (.mp3)

> The Mediums Feed (.mp3)

      Ural Umbo - Latent defects (CASSETTE, 2010, Utech Records, URCS043)  

> Unknown Chemistry (.mp3)

> Final Acousma...Before The End (.mp3)

      Ural Umbo - Ural Umbo (CD, 2010, Utech Records, URCD040)  

> Förlåta Jag (.mp3)

> Stumbling Upon Blood And Mercury (.mp3)

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