Ural Umbo - Delusion of Hope (LP incl. CD, 2011, Utech Records, URLP070)  
With an eldritch terror that could just as easily be from another dimension as the darkest ocean comes the latest release from Ural Umbo, Delusion of Hope. Feedback and melody barely escape from the murky crevices, tinged with a sense of grinding tension. Sharp, acidic percussion slices through the blackness with violent urgency, while electronic blasts and organic drones entwine and ensnare. Some dim instinctive memory vaguely resurrects a shadowy scene wherein black drums roar madly, and monstrous beings squat loathsomely in inexplicable rituals rooted in the black dawn of the universe.

Ural Umbo are Reto Mäder and Steven Hess. Recorded 2011 in Bern, Switzerland and Chicago, USA. Guest musician parts by Matt Thompson. Recorded 2011 in London, UK.
Mixed and mastered by Reto Mäder at Hinterzimmer, Bern. Vinylcut by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service USA.

Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl. Comes with cd version of the album.
Photography by Alexander Binder.
Video "Self Fulfilling Prophecy" by Ural Umbo and B & B Production.

Initial Magnetization Curve. Sych. This Dead And Fabled Waste. Evocative Luminance. Self Fulfilling Prophecy. Resinous Compound. So Here I Live - Sorry. Thermal Layering
      Ural Umbo - Fog Tapes (LP, 2010, Hinterzimmer Records, HINT10)  

As the name Fog Tapes implies, the basic tracks were recorded directely to analog tapes. In a second step they enriched the raw material with layers of filigree percussion from bowed cymbals, wind chimes, glockenspiel and the like. This resulted in an organic and hypnotic mixture of lurking electro-acoustics, atmospheric black metal approaches, epic drones, slowly evolving melodies, doom mantras and an overall psychedelic atmosphere. Sometimes it sounds like a poltergeist tapping and scraping in the speakers.

Ghost Cell. Speed Of Light In Vacuum. Background Value. Indefinite Outline. Self Appointed. Non Physical Contact. The Mediums Feed. Glory Humus
      Ural Umbo - Latent defects (CASSETTE, 2010, Utech Records, URCS043)  
Sister release to the s/t debut album. Utilizing source material from the original recordings, Latent Defects is an meeting of bleak atmospherics and wintry incantation. Photography by Rik Garrett.
Running time: 38:00

Unknown Chemistry. Like a Supine Form. Deeply Afflicted. Behind the Curtains. Elastic Curve. Final Acousma... ...Before the End

      Ural Umbo - Ural Umbo (CD, 2010, Utech Records, URCD040)  
Electrifying internal music through a broad spectrum of instrumentation. Horns, piano, organ, harmonium, bass guitar, strings, electronics, drums and percussion guide the formation of black, subliminal melodies and slow feedback accompaniments. With a nod to 1960s horror movie scoring Mäder and Hess displace sound from the veil of the supernatural and coax it back to our world.

The Lights Would Stop Flickering. Theme of the Paranormal Feedback. Förlåta Jag. Voices from the Room Below. Don't Eat Carrots, My Little Ghost Horse. Stumbling Upon Blood and Mercury. Pendulum Impact Test. Among the Bones. Mathieu 2004-2009
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